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Wastewater Monitoring System

Smart water systems are based on the combination of Internet of Things (IoT), big data and AI technologies can help monitor processes and quality, and hence provide end users with the capacity to make informed decisions based on real-time data.

The Solution

Sensor IT designed a Wastewater Management System based on IoT components to monitor the Mombasa sewer system. The sewer previously faced numerous challenges arising from prolonged use and overload. Our solutions improved the system’s overall efficiency by preventing overspills of water and sewer blockages.

The system was sponsored and partially funded by Innovate UK and was named Maji Taka Tech. WASREB (Water Services Regulatory Board) indicated in their 2020 Impact Report that “Utility efficiency is key to attaining targets”, these targets being Sustainable Development Goal 6 and the National Vision of Kenya committing to the universal access of water and sanitation by 2030. As of 2019, Mombasa is ranked last out of the 12 ‘very large WSP utilities’. Chances of sufficient investment in the sewer system remain unlikely therefore it is crucial to improve pre-existing infrastructure to increase its efficiency.

Technical Details

The Wastewater Monitoring system included multiple endpoints to measure the wastewater flow in several locations and the development of a real-time dashboard to monitor this flow. The system’s deployment set a precedent for future enhancements and streamlining of wastewater treatment operations. It’s important to note that the technologies developed in this system are not only applicable to waste management but also useful for broader water utility applications where data is transmitted from the endpoint to the dashboard to better manage the overall apparatus. 

For this solution, Sensor IT chose to use LoRaWAN® as the data communication protocol from the Endpoints to the Dashboard. This decision was based on the lack of communication infrastructure where the Endpoints were going to be deployed, and the advantages that such approach would present in terms of low deployment cost and communication range.

Target Audience

In its initial conception, this Wastewater Monitoring system aimed to improve the water quality and quantity for the local communities in Mombasa. Given that water is a global commons resource, we intend to target any water (not just wastewater) operation that requires water parameters real-time monitoring and/or control. We, therefore, believe that this technology is applicable not only at the local or national level but also across the globe.

Our Water Monitoring System would be a very useful, and cutting-edge IoT-based technology for countless cases such as water treatment, transport and quality measurements applications,

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